Questions to Ask Kitchen Cabinet Makers

If you are a chef or you simply like cooking, you might want to have your kitchen renovated. During this process, why not replace your cupboards to improve space efficiency? Ask these questions to find kitchen cabinet makers who can satisfy your needs:

Do you do custom design interiors?

These cupboards are important to your facility because these are where you store tools, wares, foodstuff and other cooking materials Aside from the shelves cabinets traditionally have, you might want to have trays that slide out or other similar customisations. This is why you should find makers that create custom designs for the interiors of your cupboards.

Can I see the blueprints before having them built?

Once you discuss your ideas with your service provider, they might also want to inspect your kitchen to measure your space. This can also help them visualise where and how the cabinets will be installed. Afterwards, they will create a blueprint in which they will incorporate your requests and specifications. It is important for you to see the design before they build the cabinets. This way, you will know whether you are satisfied with the design or not.

How long will the entire process take?

Keep in mind that your service provider will have to build the cabinets in their shop before bringing these boards to your place. This can take a few weeks, depending on the difficulty and the number of orders your maker has. Installation can be speedy once the cabinets are finished. If you want to have your kitchen up and running at a specific date, make sure to ask this question to prevent any issues.

Where will you apply finishes?

These boards need to be treated with finishes to improve durability and appearance. However, these substances have fumes which can be unpleasant to your nose. Some chemicals are also harmful to your health so make sure your builders use non-toxic ones. Aside from this, make sure that they will be applying finishes in their shop.

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