Best Items You Can Give as Corporate Giveaways

Corporate giveaways are a way of promoting a company and its brand. Giving free stuff that has their name on it, gives these companies their desired brand recognition, which they need to boost their branding.

Corporate Giveaways

Giveaway items

Here are some of the best items you can give to your loyal customers:

  • Custom Printed Speakers – These speakers can be used by office employees in meetings, presentations or company parties.
  • Portable Power Bank – With employees always using their mobile phones for work, their batteries tend to run out whilst in the office. With power banks, employees can charge their phones.
  • Multi-use Survival Card Tool – A survival tool card is handy and useful when you don’t have access to the right tools around you. It’s also easy to carry around and can be placed inside pockets, purses or bags.
  • Smartphone Stand and Screen Cleaner Keychain – The phone stand and screen cleaner keychain are handy when employees are working on their phones in and out of the office. With this item, you can easily place your phone on any side of your desk whilst the screen cleaner keychain can wipe the screen of your phone.
  • Computer Keyboard and Screen Cleaner – Desktops and laptops are amongst the most used office items. Hence, they are prone to dirt and debris. Using the cleaner for keyboard and screen, you can keep your workstation clean.
  • USB Hub – Office workers have lots of files stored in computers, phones, and portables USB flash drives. A USB hub is a very useful tool for employees especially in storing and accessing files.

These commonplace items can be used for the promotion of your company and brand. By just embossing your logo on these corporate giveaways by JP Productions, you can boost your brand reach, especially if you’ve given them to entrepreneurs and professionals with wide professional networks.

To order them for your next marketing campaign, visit JP Promotions. They have a lot of quality items that you can give away as promotional tools and tokens of appreciation to your customers, suppliers and stakeholders.