Common iPhone Screen Repair Problems

iPhone screen repair is a common service amongst Apple users. Screens are a sensitive part of any mobile phone. Unfortunately, they are also very exposed. One small accident could lead to permanent damage. This can be caused by a variety of factors. Here are a few of the most common.

The device got wet.

Water damage is very common amongst mobile users. Since the gadget is used in every situation, they tend to be exposed to a lot of liquids. This type of damage can be caused by:

• Accidental spillage
• Dropping the phone in water (pools, lakes, toilets)
• Moisture content in the air is too high, causing condensation inside the device

When the LCD gets wet, it can damage the pixels inside, leaving them dead. This is caused by short-circuiting inside the device. When your smartphone gets wet, the first thing you should do is power off the device. Do not turn it on for 24 hours or more. Preferably, you should bring it to a technician within the day.

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The phone fell.

Whether it fell from your pocket or your hand, the impact can cause significant damage in phone screens. This is especially true for mobile phones that have no protective casing. Exposed corners can cause the crack to spread to a wider surface. Cracked screens will still sometimes power on, but will show visible damage. The touchscreen capabilities will also be limited.

In most cases, the only solution for a cracked LED is a total replacement. If you’re having this problem, make it a point to go to a technician directly. Prolonged use of a cracked screen could cause permanent damage to the device.

The gadget became too hot.

Overheating can become a problem with any mobile device. Sometimes, too many demanding applications run at the same time. The hardware will be working twice as hard to keep up with commands. This builds up a lot of heat inside the system, causing the phone to suddenly freeze. Abrupt shutting down of phones can also be caused by overcharging.