Questions to Ask When Enrolling in an RSA Course

Due to the tourism boom, the hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Australia. Thinking of joining the hospitality industry? You might want to enrol in an RSA course. Here are some questions to ask when registering for the program:

RSA Course

What benefit will I get for enrolling in this course?

RSA Course

Because most hospitality-related businesses serve alcohol, being a certified alcohol dealer increases your chance of being employed. This course tackles the responsible distribution of alcoholic beverages in your state. By enrolling in an RSA program, you will be able to identify minors and detect levels of intoxication. It also improves your interaction skills with co-workers and customers.

What type of learning method is best for me?

Most schools offer on-site education and online options. You might want to enrol in a program depending on your schedule. If your time is occupied by work and family matters, you might want to register for an online class. For people whose time are more manageable, a face-to-face classroom can be the best choice.

What schedules are available?

Interested in attending an on-site class? You need to check the availability of classes. The first thing you need to do is to check what dates are available. This way, you can adjust your own schedule or get one that fits your timetable. However, you should check whether the available class is accessible to you.

How do I qualify to work after this?

After completing the course, you have to wait for your interim certificate which will allow you to work for 90 days. You can claim this in one to two days after completion. Once you receive this, you need to get your Photo Competency Card for a long-term practice.

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