Facts Your Website Design Team Wants You to Know

There’s an undeniable advantage when you have uniquely designed and optimised website for your business. And one of the best and most efficient way to create one is to hire a website design team. But aren’t you curious just how these experts do their job? Don’t you want a behind-the-scenes look at the process?

Whilst you may not fully understand the technicalities designing on the web, there are still things experts like those in Fresh Digital want you to know:

Here are several facts about designing websites:

Every web browser is different

When you visit an online site, it may look different from when you view it from your laptop versus when you view it from your tablet or smartphone. It all depends on how it was coded and rendered.

That’s why in the early years of the internet, experts only create one that’s fitted for one platform. But with the rise of smartphones, more and more people are using their portable gadgets than opening their desktop computers.

Professionals adapted to this trend by using the HTML and CSS standards to make their client’s site suitable for multiple platforms.

Design determines the focus

Every successful site has one thing in common, they all have a clear, scannable and optimised layout.

Remember, a user’s attention span lasts only about 8 seconds maximum. They want an online site where they can find relevant content by just skimming. That’s why design is the body and content is the heart of every online site.

Templates create restrictions

Whilst a template is useful for people who have little to no knowledge in coding, it’s never a good method to be used by experts.

A sign of a true professional is someone who knows how to create an output from scratch. And lucky for you, you have an entire team to work on it. So, if experts in Gold Coast tell you that creating a website takes time, believe them.

Website design is more than just choosing a pretty background, it’s about having relevant content as well as having a user-friendly interface. Visit Fresh Digital and get started with yours!