When to Get a Mobile Vehicle Inspection

A mobile vehicle inspection is a process of doing a full check on cars. Expert technicians inspect both the interiors and exteriors of the car. This is done to check the working condition of the car and determine its overall value.

Vehicle Inspection Service

What’s included in the check?

The first thing experts do is a surface check. This is a good gauge of how well the owner maintained the car. This includes the body and the interior surfaces. Damage from previous accidents can easily be covered with a fresh coat of paint. This is why professionals use digital paint depth analysis to see if any repairs were made to cover up deep scratches.

The car’s mechanisms are checked once the cosmetics have been inspected. Technicians check the engine for smoke, leaks, noises and signs of external damage. They also do a CO2 Head Gasket Leakage test to ensure its functioning properly. Also included in this check are:

  • Brakes and Wheels
  • Fuel System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Steering
  • Suspension

Most technicians will also perform a simple road test. This allows them to check how the engine is performing. It also shows them how well the transmission, steering and suspension operate in driving condition. For more information, click here

Who gets this service?

Purchasing second-hand vehicle is common in Australia. However, it can be easy to purchase faulty cars, especially to those who don’t know much about the subject. In addition, some units may be overpriced for their quality and model. It’s unlikely that somebody unfamiliar with cars would know the difference.

This is why a lot of people hire car inspectors before buying second-hand vehicles. It’s called a pre-purchase check. Technicians will go with the client to perform diagnostics to see if the unit is priced correctly and is functioning properly.

Pre-sale checks can also be done for individuals who want to sell their vehicles. The technician will inspect the owner’s car to ensure that there’s nothing wrong with it. Experts will also help price the unit correctly. If the amount is too low, they can give valuable advice on how to increase the car’s value.