How to Get Name Badges

Aside from identification cards, badges offer a good addition to staff uniforms. They help identify authorised personnel, whilst also serving as a supplementary accessory to your uniform. If you are planning on getting name badges in Toowoomba, here are tips you should follow:

Decide on the Specifications

Before you look for a company to print your badges, you should decide what size, type of fitting and extra features your pins will have. The size is essential because you will need to create a design that fits the surface perfectly. To ensure that you will be able to use these upon arrival specify the type of fitting you want. This includes the options of pin-type or magnetised attachment mechanisms.

Create a Design

After determining the specs, you need to create a design you want to be printed. Aside from the name, determine what information you want to be included. You might want to place the position of the staff member, the name and logo of your business and company colours. This way, your pins can serve as effective identifiers. Make sure to create a design that is not only functional but also artistic.

Find a Reliable Company

Look for a company that can print your design accurately. Make sure that the company offers useful improvement suggestions. This way, you know that they are utilising their expertise to help you improve the appearance of your pins. The service provider should also take special requests in order to give you the pins you have in mind.

Finalise Your Order

Once you settle all the details of your badge, you can now place your order. You can do this by sending your design to the service provider and paying via accepted payment methods. Just take note of the company’s estimated turnaround time and delivery. This way, you know when to expect your orders.

Give your staff an improved identification accessory that can be functional yet stylish. To get high-quality and durable name badges, get in touch with Name Tags and Badges. Their friendly and reliable staff can assist you in the process.