Promotional Products Online: 5 Items To Choose From

To optimise your marketing campaign, you may utilise everyday items to spread your brand’s core message by ordering promotional products online. Here are some items that you can give away to promote your brand:

Online Promotional Products


Body Bags

Backpacks, totes, duffel and satchels are great promotional items. Aside from their sleek designs, they’re great to carry around and can hold heavy belongings like laptop, books, clothes and gadgets. Pens, earphones, charging cords and makeup can be stored in the pockets, which is convenient for students, office workers and travellers.

Coffee Mugs

Mostly used by busy office workers, college students and business owners, these travel coffee mugs and tumblers keep coffee, water, tea and other drinks hot or cold. Its stainless-steel body retains the temperature of the beverage. It comes with a silicone lid that is stiff enough to prevent easy opening and is safe enough to use whilst driving or walking.

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Multi-Purpose Pen

Everybody would have the need for writing materials at some point, if not all the time. Made of plastic, wood or metal, pens are portable items that will never go out of need. Used for taking notes, signing documents and writing to-do lists, these come in a variety of colours, length and composition. Trivia: an average pen writes about 45,000 words, which means that it be used for years.

Logo Cap

Usually made of cotton, headwear such as a cap is practical to have because of the unpredictable Australian weather. Protects you from the sun and rain, caps don’t go out of style. Its fade-proof fabric makes printing and stitching brand logos easy to do. Also, washing it won’t erase its colour. The colours red, purple and yellow are your best marketing bet.

Sports Umbrella

Another handy tool for the changing weather, a durable sports umbrella will be your saviour during sunny and rainy days. Water and windproof, this isn’t the usual standard umbrella. A metal shaft holds the pongee material and fibreglass rib together which makes it strong enough to withstand rainfall and snowfall. You can choose from compact, inverted and folding types.