How a Restaurant Ordering System Works

A restaurant ordering system is necessary for the food service and hospitality industry. Also known as a point-of-sale unit, it’s an easy way to track down every table’s order. At the end of the meal, it automatically calculates the guest’s total bill. As such, these systems make it easier for waiters to provide fast, quality customer service.

Restaurant Ordering System

Traditional order-taking methods require the server to manually write down each item on a ticket. Then, a copy must be made for both the front-of-house and the kitchen. When the guests are done eating, the bill must be totalled at the register. Whilst effective, the process takes a lot of time. There’s also a lot of room for error, as orders are based on the server’s written notes.

How It Works

A specialised computer is set up as a point-of-sale unit. Some establishments have an entire PC dedicated to this process. However, others use smaller devices like tablets or phones, as they’re easy to operate. These mobile devices also have smaller overhead costs. These are a good choice for establishments who are looking for an easy way to upgrade.

Each unit is different. Most systems will be customised to fit the establishment’s needs. Menu items are added to the database, which allows servers to add items through a push of a button. This way, employees don’t spend a lot of time manually inputting each dish into the system.

Most POS units nowadays are connected to the internet, which adds new order-taking functionalities. Delivery orders can be taken online through an application that’s installed on the website. The order goes through the POS as a ticket, making the whole process easier. Find out more here!

The Benefits

The main benefit of having a POS system is increased productivity. Manually listing order items manually can take a lot of time, especially during a busy night. To add to this, manually punching prices puts any business at risk of error by the users.

Streamlining the serving process makes eating out more enjoyable to guests. They’re assured fast, efficient service. On the other hand, it benefits your servers by making their jobs easier. Need a restaurant ordering system? Call Deliver It today!