Accounting is an important aspect of opening a small business. It allows you to measure and predict positive and negative cash flow. By keeping track of your finances, you’ll be able to identify assets and liabilities – a must if you want to grow your establishment. You can analyse data, enabling you to strategically plan for the best income possible.

Accounting helps with Everyday Operations

Apart from tracking your gains and losses, this discipline is also a way to organise your operations. Payroll records, interest repayments, loan tracking and all other everyday financial monitoring falls under accounting. To add to this, managing your financial records properly makes it easier to file taxes when the time comes.

 This field also helps keep you safe from any legal risks. Audits can happen at any time. Having a complete record of your financing will help make the process quicker. Records also come in handy in extreme cases such as fraud accusations.

Open a Bank Account with the Company

The first thing you should do, especially if you’re just starting out, is to open a bank account under your registered business name. Whilst most startup companies opt to use their personal savings account to store establishment funds, this is highly discouraged. Having a separate card makes it easier to segregate company funds, making it easier for record-keeping. In fact, depending on what type of business ownership model you have, you may be legally required to have a business account!

Keep your Receipts and Invoices

There should be paperwork for every cent of money your company receives or spends. They should come in the form of receipts or invoices. There are a variety of financial tracking software available nowadays, making it easier to log your cash flow. Alternatively, you can manually track everything with a simple ledger logbook.

Hire Professionals

Even in small businesses, professional accountants can help – even if it’s just on a consultation basis. They can advise you on the best ways to file and keep your financial records. They can help you set up a tracking system that works for your establishment.

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