Underground Cable Locator: And Other Leak Detection Tools

Leak detections should be done as regularly as possible to prevent damaged flooring and consequently impair furniture and electronics inside the home. The most common tools for detecting leaks are video cameras, sound devices, underground cable locator and soil probe.

If you’re getting the house pipes fixed by a contractor and want to know which devices they’re likely to use, here’s a list below:

Underground Cable Locator

As its name suggests, the cable is used to view pipes from underground at a certain range. There’s direct, inductive clamp, and inductive. The three types vary in detecting pipes but offer the exact same results.

For example, the direct method needs to be connected directly to a piper cable. Low frequency is maintained to detect any deformed parts of the pipe. Whilst in using an inductive clamp, for example, the ground needs to be dug up to expose the main pipe.

If you’re needing an underground cable locator, contact Astute Leak Detection Services to avoid expensive water bills, fast-spinning meters, and leaking floors.

Tiny Video Cameras

If you haven’t heard, you can actually view the inside of your faucets with the use of a tiny infrared camera that’s specifically made for assessing the inside of waterways. Small, microscopic cameras can be inserted inside the faucet and the view is projected onto the screen of a larger camera source. This way, it’s easier for the plumber to know where to start excavating and fixing.

Audio Equipment

The existence of electronic sound equipment in plumbing has benefited many.

A sound scale is used to get a better sound of where the leaks are coming from. A plumber uses a headphone that’s connected to the microphone near the leaking area so that he can hear it more distinctly. These are called ‘sound tests’ and are only applicable to metals.

Soil Probe

These are most commonly used in the sewer lines where a deeper probe is needed to be executed. Determining the moisture in the soil has never been easy with the use of a probe.

Even with an excess source of tools such as audio-visual devices and locator used in leak detection, it’s better to hire a plumbing service to do the job. Enquire at Astute Leak Detection.