What Are Mobility Aids?

Walking AidMobility aids are devices that people use to help them move around. They can be used anywhere at any time, without interfering your daily life. These tools are helpful for people who have disabilities or injuries that prevent them from walking normally. Apart from being an effective equipment to help you move to another place, it also lessens pain whilst ambling. Moreover, it gives you a boost of confidence wherever you go.

The use of this equipment varies depending on your illness or disability. For example, blind people use this to avoid any obstacles. Through this walking assistant, you can still pace normally despite your injury or illness.

Who Benefits?

As mentioned earlier, your walking aid depends on your disability. That being said, here’s a list of people who may need to use this tool:

  • Those suffering from chronic leg and foot pain,
  • Those who cannot maintain their balance,
  • Have genetic disorders which disable them to walk,
  • Suffered injuries in their legs or limbs,
  • Visually impaired or blind,
  • Had their legs, feet or lower parts amputated

There are various kinds of mobility aids that suit your medical condition. Moreover, they can ease the pain you’re enduring from an injury or internal illness as you walk. Good thing, hospitals, like the Friendly Society Private Hospital, know how you can be sure to freely move around with little to no help. For more details, visit their website or give them a call.


Here are some of the major walking tools that you can avail from a trusted hospital or pharmacy:

  • Cane is the most common walking tool who still can walk but having difficulties
  • Wheelchairs are for those who cannot move their legs and feet to walk
  • Crutches are used by people who have one injured and immovable foot or leg
  • Walkers assist toddlers and disabled people to learn how to walk properly
  • Scooters have the same use as wheelchairs but move faster.

Just remember, Friendly Society Private Hospital knows how to ease your burden and help you walk freely and easily. Visit their website or give them a call if you need consultation.