What is Social Planning?

Social planning is the process of organising services, programs and policies for the betterment of the public. It’s a way to address pressing issues of the population in a given area. It can be done on a small scale, as in one neighbourhood. Large-scale applications are also possible, especially when dealing with nation-wide problems.

How is it done?

Rational problem-solving is the main method used in this process. Urban planners work to identify and determine the cause of problems in a location. They base their research on previous studies, statistics, surveys and theories. They also look at existing model programs, policies and services to see their effectiveness and deficiencies.

A lot of work goes into research as they need to have a clear idea of the problem before coming up with a solution. They consult with various organisations, councils, agencies and community groups. This is a necessary step, as these institutions deal with local issues on a daily basis.

Once they’ve collected all the data they need, they can isolate the problem. Planners work to pinpoint deficiencies in existing programs. This helps them come up with ways to create a new solution or improve the current system.

Coordination and organisation are key to successfully creating and deploying new systems in an area. Local government organisations, institutions and communities are involved in the whole process.

Why is it needed?

This process is done to improve the quality of life for people living in an area. For example, the healthcare system in some neighbourhoods is inaccessible to the people who need it most. This shows up in both statistics and surveys. Planners will create a way to improve the system, thus helping those in need.

It can be done for a wide variety of sectors, including social welfare, urban plans and public health. The aim is always problem-solving. Planners look at the most prevalent problems experienced by residents in an area and create creative solutions. The problem-solving process is necessary for communities, neighbourhoods and cities to expand and improve in a way that’s beneficial to the residents.

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