Workwear for Women over 50: Style Guide

Choosing what to wear to work is an essential part of working routine from Monday to Friday most especially for women. Surprisingly, ladies, even those in their 50-70s, prefer to spend their precious time working in offices, banks. In this article, we’ll give you some of the most stylish workwear for women over 50 to help you perform at your best whilst keeping you on trend.

In this modern world, we can all attest to the fact that older generation has continued to prove that dressing with style and sophistication doesn’t have to stop at a certain age. Looking professional even is highly important. It doesn’t just make you appear younger, it can also help you feel more energetic and productive.

Below are some of the must-have wardrobe items for women over 50:

  • SKIRTS – Choose an office-friendly skirt that isn’t too short or too long. Carefully choose your statement pieces and always remember that print works best as long as it is either a top or a bottom.
  • TROUSERS – The key to achieving a smart-looking professional outfit is to keep everything simple and minimal. Hence, choosing quality basics is a must. Trousers, for instance, is a great choice to look elegant whilst at the same time achieving an excellent level of comfort.
  • DRESSES – Dresses with small sleeves and that’s long enough to cover the knees are great for women over 50 as it can cover skin that you may find less attractive. Additionally, opting for a dress is a great option especially for women on-the-go as it looks best with a cardigan or even on its own.
  • JEANS – You might want to keep your traditional blue jeans and consider wearing white, dark blue or black jeans instead. Choose a chic top and nice jeans. It may look simple, yet a very effective way of creating a professional look.

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